ACN Affinity Fundraising Program

ACN Affinity Fundraising Program for Non-Profit Organizations

Fundraising for non-profit organizations in today's economy can be a challenge. Competition for financial support and donations is difficult.  ACN has a simple and profitable solution.
With ACN's Affinity Fundraising Program for Non-Profits, your members, donors and supporters (your Affinity Group) can direct funds to the organization by simply promoting and using ACN services. These are services your members already use everyday…services like home phone service, high speed Internet, television, home security and automation, computer support and even energy services.

Getting Started is Fast  
ACN provides a co-branded ACN product and ordering website and approves any promotional materials developed by the organization or the sponsoring ACN Independent Business Owner (IBO).
Templates and marketing materials are also available from ACN.
The sponsoring ACN IBO assists in promoting within the organization.
It's Simple  
You market ACN services to your members - services they are already using everyday.
For every ACN service established, you receive a recurring revenue stream based on a percentage of the member's monthly bills.
For detailed information on the Affinity Program, click here.
It's a profitable revenue solution  
• Members can use the website to transfer
  existing services or order new services
• ACN will send performance and
  commissions reports to the organization
• There is no cost to the organization other
  than marketing ACN services!
• Provides another fundraising stream to
  your existing efforts.

Affinity Program Requirements  

• One year contract is required.
• The Affinity Partner must be a non-profit entity.
• The Affinity Partner must have at least 500
  members, donors, supporters or others
• The sponsoring ACN IBO must agree to
  coordinate the organization's relationship with
  ACN and provide any necessary sales or
  implementation support to drive sales.
• Prior to contract execution, the ACN IBO or
  organization must have ten services ready to


• Review the Affinity Program Partner
  Compensation Plan, including bonus
  United States | Canada

• Review the Affinity Program sponsoring IBO
  upline Compensation Plan
  (Note that the Affinity Partner is strictly a
  customer acquisition position - no downlines
  are permitted)

  United States | Canada
 • Affinity Program Agreement & Exhibitions:
  United States | Canada 
  • Affinity Program Customer Points/Revenue:
  United States | Canada

Want to get started?  

We would be happy to discuss how our program can benefit your organization's fundraising efforts.
Please complete and submit the Affinity Fundraising Program Application via fax.
An ACN Affinity Program Manager will contact you within ten (10) business days to discuss the potential opportunity!


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