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  • UNLIMITED Local Calling With Low Rates for Long Distance
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ACN Companion App

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UNLIMITED Local and Long Distance Calling

This plan has it all. Talk whenever you want for as long as you want - with unlimited long distance, great calling features, voice mail service and more!


UNLIMITED Local Calling with Long Distance Calling for a Low Monthly Fee

Need to make occasional long distance calls and want the most popular calling features? This is the plan for you!

Add International Calling to the plan of your choice for only $4/month with the International Plus or Asia Pacific International Plans!

When I came to school in the U.S., I was nervous about a lot of things. I am so happy to have found a local and long distance service that I don't have to be nervous about. Being able to call home whenever I want is the best feeling.

Meredith S.

When you choose ACN, you're making a choice to end childhood hunger.

With ACN and Project Feeding Kids, when you sign up for an ACN service, a child in need gets a meal. And when you pay your bill for select ACN services each month, another child gets another meal.


Get your home phone service free with ACN!

Refer five new customers to ACN Home Phone Service, and you'll get that same Home Phone Service for free. It doesn't get much better than free!


Put your home and your energy costs in your control!

Vivint's Energy Management system helps you save money on your utilities every month by remotely controlling the temperature, lights and small appliances at home.

All the calling features you expect and more.

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Anonymous Call Rejection Anonymous Call Rejection

Keep callers who have blocked their numbers from getting through. This service automatically rejects their calls.

Auto Redial Auto Redial

No time to redial a busy number? Auto Redial will keep dialing a busy number for you and then calls you back when the line is free. You can still make and receive calls while waiting to be connected. 

Call Forwarding Call Forwarding

Transfer your incoming calls to another telephone number, including your wireless phone. You can even choose to forward calls from certain numbers.

Caller ID With Name Caller ID With Name

Answer only the calls you want. With Caller ID, you can see who is calling and decide if you want to answer the phone or let it go to voicemail.

Last Call Return Last Call Return

Find out the phone number, date and time of the last incoming call – whether you answered it or not. You even have the option to call back the number.

Call Screening Call Screening

Block certain phone numbers from getting through to you.

Call Waiting Call Waiting

Don’t worry about keeping the line free while waiting for an important call. Receive an incoming call alert when you are on the phone and alternate between calls with the touch of a button.

Call Waiting ID Call Waiting ID

Don’t worry about keeping the line free while waiting for an important call. Receive an incoming call alert and see the person’s Caller ID when you are on the phone. You can even alternate between calls with the touch of a button.

Distinctive Ring Distinctive Ring

Share a phone line with others? Activate this feature so you’ll know if the caller is for you or for someone else – just by the sound of the ring.

Priority Ring Priority Ring

Want to hear who the call is for before you pick up the phone? With priority ring you can assign a special ring pattern for up to 10 lines.

Speed Calling Speed Calling

Save time with single-digit dialing! Dial the people you call most with just a push of a button instead of dialing the complete phone number.

Three Way Calling Three Way Calling

Add a third person to your phone call and keep the conversation flowing with two parties at once.

Voice Mail Voice Mail

Leave or receive audio messages from callers and check from anywhere on any phone.

Inside Wire Maintenance Inside Wire Maintenance

Never worry about costly repair calls. This maintenance plan covers all inside wiring service calls for your home.

International Plans International Plans

Stay connected with family and friends overseas for only $4 month with the International Plus or Asia Pacific International plans.